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clip-on earrings
and memories of you.


Affirming the value of the elderly within our community and families by aknowleging and highlighting aspects of their life.

artistic process.

honoring those who came before us.

Suzanne Ryanstrati talking to a dancer sitting on the edge of a stage
Dancer standing on one leg with other leg lifted and one arm to the side.

The topic for this dance was inspired by my time working with people 60+.  They told stories about feeling like easy targets for scammers, and that people seem to rush by and dismiss them.  I was raised to respect older people, which includes not interrupting them, offering to open doors, get chairs for them and that they hold valuable truths and live experiences.

The dancer and I started by sharing memories of our grandparents.  Gestures were incorporated into the classical choreography as if to offer snapshots of different moments in their lives.  This dance shares those memories as a way of honoring them.

Memories include: cooking, playing the piano, using a typewriter, putting on white gloves and clip-on earrings, taking photos with a camera, riding a bicycle, reading the Bible.

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