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Investigating phone conversations from 1960-today.

artistic process.

why make a phone call?


We had a rotary wall phone in my childhood home. I'd stretch the cord as far as it could go in an attempt to have a private conversation, which was never a reality.


Hello? is a 45-minute updance incorporating a retrospective look at telephone history (1960-today). 

I researched telephone technology, interviewed the dancers in the Kansas City Dance Collective about conversations they remember, who they call and the reason they would call vs. text a person, and reflected on my own lifetime memories of phone calls and changing technology. 

Memories include: telling secrets to a friend, talking to someone you love across the miles, three-way-call with friends, receiving bad news, phones in the office, and a retrospective incorporating the use of phone books, wall phones, and people piling into a phone booth.

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