the dancing word.



The Dancing Word is a semiannual spoken word + dance performance produced by Westport Center for the Arts.  

Intergenerational Kansas City artists perform original spoken word and choreographic compositions.

artistic process.

Reflecting and respecting individual truths and experiences


spoken word + dance.

Spoken word artists are selected by committee.  Ryanstrati meets each spoken word artist; learing about their  artistic process and inspiration/content of each work.  Ryanstrati sets initial movement material on and collaborating with the artists and dancers. Artists are invited to attend throughout the three-month choreographic process. Once all works are complete, artists attend rehearsal with the dancers. Final choreographic adjustmens are made, and the concert is performed to a public audience.



The intergenerational cast is a reflection of the Kansas City Metropolitan area; artists ages 18-72, with diverse countries of origin, ethnicities, races, family structures, economic upbringings, body shapes, geographic regions, education, faiths/non-faiths, and identities.

the cast.