If I tell people my story


Ballet sharing Mrs. Golad's primary source story to teach tolerance. The dance developed in close collaboration with the [Hess] family of Sonia Golad, Holocaust Survivor, with thanks to the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education. The choreography presents a visual representation of the story. Performed to the sound of traditional Jewish instruments, songs and Ms. Golad's voice, the dancers present a visual representation of the story from childhood to adult with an expressed desire for tolerance at the end. Joyce and Alex Hess contributed to the choreography. Initially presented at Kansas City's Jewish Community Center, this ballet has been invited to perform for two years in multiple venues. 

Identity & tolerance Workshop


The workshop includes historic ways of identifying people in the Holocaust, and the attempted erasing of self-identity. Students examine how they identify themselves and others. It is through this identification, self-reflection and interactive sharing that we can begin to have a deeper understanding of ourselves while building an architecture of tolerance toward others.  This workshop can be offered alone or in conjunction with the performance and/or visiting presenter Joyce Hess who shares the story of Sonia Golad, Holocaust survivor. 

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