Ryanstrati is a descendent of an immigrant who arrived in America by boat in 1640, and was an indentured servatude. Her research-based choreographic work explores the global human condition and brings awareness to human rights.


    Bringing awareness to perceptions leading to bullying while standing up with beauty, perserverance, and boldness.

    Performed by Margarita Diaz Lutz of Puerto Rico

    Read Review

    Clip-on Earrings and Memories of You

    Affirming the value of the elderly within our own family as members of the community.

    Say YES!

    Inspiring life stories of people living with Parkinson's disease performed to recorded text and music performed by Drew Dimmel, by one of those interviewed, presented by St. Louis, Missouri's Mid-America Dance Company.

    A Tulip Unfolding

    Inspiring life stories of people living in the Kansas City metropolitan area with Parkinson's disease performed to text and live percussion music composed & performed by John Currey read review

    A Day in the Life of...

    A journey of roles and responsibilities of a mother while holding on to a sense of self through humor and strength.


    The Disappeared

    Exposing injustice through women using dance as a form of protest in Chile under the Dictator, Augusto Pinochet (1915-2006) Read review


    If I Tell People My Story

    Encouraging tolerance in the words of Sonia Golad, Holocaust survivor, in response to the shooting at Kansas City's Jewish Community Center and Pittsburgh's Tree of Life Synagogue.

    Presented by Störling Moves


    Ordo Virtutum

    A full-length ballet with live choral and instrumental music based on the morality play compsed by Hildegard Von Bingham c. 1151

    Conducted by Chris Kampe

    Rodillas Gastadas

    (worn-away knees) 

    The pilgrimage to El Santuario de Chimayo, New Mexico.

    Featuring an original music compositon by Korey Ireland

    The Strength to be Willing

    The importance of willingness in overcoming universal human hardships.  Original music composed and performed by Jacob Gotlib read review

    De Profundis

    Seen through the eyes of the mother, this dance abstractly examines the desperate search for life. Presented by Reach...a movement collective


    Coexistence of life within a sea of plastic bags to the soundscape of a helicopter hover.

    Performed by Janea Walla, Seattle Washington

    Le Calm après l'orage

    (The calm after the storm)

    The ability to experience breath and calm after destructive socio-political events

    Presented by Reach...a movement collective.

    For Karen

    Choreographic collaboration with Macy Jordan in honor of Karen

    ... and I left her on the floor

    Moments of isolation, within a community, in the stages of grief following societal conflict and violence


    Embodiment of rivers, lakes and oceans In collaboration with choreographer, Kathleen Norberg Schuler presented by Storling's Artist Development Program

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