Image of dancer Heidi with one leg lifted and arms outstretched.
Image of an artistic dragonfly sculpture made of metal in Olathe, Kansas

Human Sculptures of Art 

Dance workshop focused on artistic inspiration. Participants are introduced visual artists and their work, and then lead through a process of discovering movement inspired by each artwork. The workshop format allows attendees to explore their own movement through spontaneous choreography (improvisation) or to combine movements from different artworks to develop a choreographic work.  Past workshops were held at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri, and the Art Gallery at Kansas City Kansas Community College (visually due to COVID-19 restrictions). 

Ryanstrati, Master Class, Workshop, John Currey, Percussionist, Kansas City

Master Classes and Workshops

Master Classes in Modern Dance, Choreography, Performance, Improvisation and Tap Dancewith live percussion accompaniment.  Workshops conclude with a performance to live music composed specifically for the event. Elements of dance history are incorporated into the beginning of class to honor the founders of each genre. Length: 2 Hours + 

Parkinson's disease, dance class, Suzanne Ryan, Ryanstrati, National Parkinson's Foundation

Parkinson's Disease

Dance class for people living with Parkinson's disease, caregivers, and their loved ones. In this class, participants start seated and proceed to standing. All movements can be modified for those preferring to or needing to remain seated. The class concludes with a choreographed dance in which all participants join together as one community. Class content includes elements of ballet, modern dance, tap, musical theater, improvisation, and participant storytelling through movement. Length: 1 hour

The Culture House, Isadora Duncan, Dance History, Ryanstrati, Suzanne Ryan, ADP, Artist Development Program, Storling, Dance History

Dance History

Experiential approach to learning the contextual history of dance.  The class examines dance from a cultural perspective including the impact of economic, racial, ethnic, and and socio- political context. In this photo, the dancers are learning about Isadora Duncan and her technique. Length: Determined by educational goals

Terri Rathbun, Margarita Diaz Lutz, Dance, Improvisation, Disabilities, Ryanstrati, Suzanne Ryan,

Dance for All

Participatory workshop designed to create an inclusive environment with movement exploration and exchange. Suzanne lives with a disability due to a Traumatic Brain Injury, and has worked extensively with people living with visible and invisible disabilities or conditions. This includes dancers and ordinary people with Multiple Sclerosis, Polio, Depression, Cystic Fibrosis, Bi-polar, Polio, Spina bifida, Anxiety, Osteoporosis, Attention Deficit Hypotension Disorder, Low vision/Blind, Brain Injury, Parkinson's Disease, and physical disabling conditions as a result of suicide attempt. Length: 2 Hours

Shari Augustine, Suzanne Ryan, Ryanstrati, International, Dance Workshop, Language

International Dance

Workshop crossing language barriers through a cultural movement exchange. This course offers group contribution and interpreted discussion with the purpose of uniting as one human race despite geographic or political separation.  In this photo, Ryanstrati is on the left (front row) with dancers from the Phillippines. Length: 2 Hours with translator