Master Classes:
    Dance + Live Music


    Master classes and workshops in modern dance, improvisation and choreography with live accompaniment by percussionist, John Currey. 


    Workshops conclude with a performance.

    Avila University


    Dance technique in tap, ballet, modern, jazz, choreography, Dance and Culture. All courses integrate historical context and encouragement of individual growth in a formal educational environment.

    National Parkinson's Foundation, Heartland


    Dance class for people living with Parkinson's Disease and their caretakers. The class incorporates seated and standing movements with aspects of ballet, tap, modern, and social dance. Sponsored by the National Parkinson's Foundation, this class is offered at no cost to the participant. The lass is based on the Dance for PD® program out of New York.

    University of Missouri, Kansas City


    Instructor in Dance History.  This class is from an anthrolopoligic perspective, integrating the history of dance from a cultural perspective including the following: cultural values, geographic location/country/region, other arts in those regions, socio-political influences, gender roles, the integration or separation of other arts including music composition, visual and diverse styles of dance.


    Kansas City Ballet School


    Intermediate and advanced classes in Horton and Limón modern dance techniques within the Kansas City Ballet School's Academy division for aspiring dancers. Class is accompanied by live percussion.


    Störling Dance Theatre's Artist Development Program


    Advanced classes in Limón dance technique, choreography, tap, improvisation, ballet and modern pedagogy, production, and dance history.


    The Artist Development Program is a trainee program for dancers who are working towards a professional vocation in dance. Applicants have an application and screening process. Past members have been from the USA as well as Germany and Korea.


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